Your in-house expert at your outsourced call center: when and why

Your outsourced call center is a frontline in connecting with your customers and communicating your brand personality. Well-trained call center agents do an outstanding job of processing orders, answering product questions, handling customer service and more.

But there are still benefits to having one of your own employees on-site at your outsourced call center under specific circumstances. For instance, they can head off escalations before they reach your in-house call center; offer immediate answers to involved questions about policies, procedures and products; and provide extra training on short notice to representatives so they can guide consumers through complex transitions to upgraded or new products.

When to Send a Representative

Some occasions when it makes sense to support your call center with one of your own employees are:

If any of those situations are coming up for your call center, you might consider sending an expert there on a temporary basis to facilitate customer service. At Global Response, we welcome clients for such visits, which can last from a day to a few weeks, depending on the reason for the visit.

Providing First-Call Resolution

For example, one of our gift merchants sends a representative every holiday season to stay at Global Response in Florida for two weeks. She handles issues here on such matters as a discount code that didn’t work, credits, questions about gifts that didn’t arrive on time, and more. Resolving those issues here on the first call prevents them from being escalated to the merchant’s in-house call center, where representatives are already very busy answering calls and emails for product orders.

In addition, the on-site representative can report back with suggestions for training that can improve agent performance or make the website or mobile app more intuitive. Another benefit is the personal contact between the call center agents and the on-site representative, which strengthens the relationship and gives both new ideas and a better understanding of how to work together to enhance customer service.

By the way, we’ve found clients from the northern states don’t seem to object to visiting us here in Florida during the winter months. We’d welcome a visit from you, too.

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