Case study: Call center business intelligence in action – Part 3

To get specific about how a call center can partner with a client to deliver valuable business intelligence, we asked Sonja Wanner, one of our most-experienced Global Response account managers, to describe how she works with one of her long-time clients.

In addition to the account manager, this account is staffed as many as 50 agents, a supervisor, and a team of project leads. This is not a complete list of her activities on behalf of the client, but these business intelligence-related activities give an idea of the added value a call center can offer.

Business intelligence-related tasks our account manager performs for this client include:

The account manager says she’s constantly asking herself, “If I were the client, what would I want to know about my customers, my website, my products, my brand image, or our customer experience that I don’t already?” When the account manager finds such valuable information, she passes it on immediately. Sometimes the client was already aware of it, but often not, and thanks her for the insights. She says the best compliment she’s gotten from the client was when a senior executive said, “We feel like we have one of our own employees at Global Response looking out for our best interests.”

Take the necessary steps to turn your call center into a business intelligence partner and you’ll be able to say the same thing. Global Response will work with your luxury brand to help build the kind of business intelligence you can use to drive strategy.  Contact us today!

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