Six Tips for Managing an Outsourced Call Center Team

Over our 40 years in the industry, the team at Global Response has identified the core concepts for a successful outsourced contact center relationship. These include:

Operations Manager for an Outsourced Call Center

1. Spell Out Your Objectives

Be clear and specific about why you need a call center and what it’s meant to accomplish. Better customer care, social media listening and engagement, business process outsourcing—there are many functions a call center can handle. Work within your organization to write a plan defining success criteria, how you’ll set up systems to measure performance, and how you’ll apply these metrics to optimize operations.

2. Find the Right Operations Manager

The individual managing your call center team needs the following personal qualities to do the job well:

3. Build an Effective Team

For a team to run effectively, you need “Brand Care Specialists” who are aligned with the program and the brand. There must also be alignment between these representatives and their supervisors, the operations manager, senior management and stakeholders.

4. Install the Right Infrastructure

Call center support is a people business at heart. However, to foster your team, a robust, seamless systems configuration is important.

5. Ensure Business Partner Alignment

Stakeholders play a decisive role in your success. They set the goals, secure the resources you need, and set expectations for the contact center.

6. Most Importantly—Passion!

“For all the technical details,” says Wendy Shooster, Co-CEO of Global Response, “we’ve learned through the years that the most important ingredient in building a call center team is passion!” How do you instill that passion? It’s all about culture and people.

By fostering a strong culture and following these tips, you can truly maximize your investment in the customer experience.

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