Big Ideas at NRF’s 2015 Digital Summit

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The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade association, and is NRF’s digital retail division. Digital Summit sessions include boosting engagement, customer individuality, and modern shopping dynamics. Digital Summit sessions included boosting engagement, customer individuality, and modern shopping dynamics.

The Digital Summit hosted more than 5,400 attendees in Philadelphia as it lead an impressive variety of workshops and events focusing on the latest digital retail solutions. With more than 280 exhibitors and networking opportunities, businesses made connections across this ever-changing industry. Here’s a closer look at four important sessions at the 2015 event:

Boosting engagement with data:

For years now, business intelligence efforts have been fueled by seas of well-organized data, used to address prominent issues in real time. In the world of retail, however, this information is becoming increasingly customer-centric, and is being leveraged to improve user experiences for greater engagement and long-term loyalty. Contact centers are improving their operations using data-driven insights. John Mesberg of IBM is hosting a session exploring how companies are winning customers using stronger analytics programming.

Focusing on consumer individuality:

As retailers embrace a wider range of digital tools and services to gain a competitive advantage, decision-makers are finding that delivering a personalized customer experience is truly the winning recipe for today’s choosy consumers. From the ecommerce storefront to the contact center and other customer service outlets, individualization is taking center stage. Strategists from Mozu, Forrester Research and Jelly Belly will be discussing the expectations of the modern shopper and explaining how brands can meet – and exceed – these expectations.

Mapping out the purchase journey:

In today’s retail environment, every consumer approaches the shopping experience differently. With a combination of in-store, online and contact center research becoming the norm, and brands need to be prepared to deploy plenty of support in each of these domains, in an effort to ensure an intuitive and consistent purchase journey. Experts from Murdoch’s and Grainger will dive into the details of modern shopping dynamics and reveal how companies can deliver a memorable experience from the early research stages to post-purchase support.

Anticipating next-gen retail trends:

Change is inevitable in the digital age, and top-performing retailers recognize that today’s innovations will soon give way to the next round of disruptive technology. That’s why brand strategists can’t afford to miss Julie Bornstein of StitchFix as she leads a keynote event, where she will be breaking down the biggest trends coming around the bend for the retail sector. Julie’s session will share strategies and insights invaluable to brand leaders looking to stay on top of the biggest developments in ecommerce, contact center technology as well as other aspects of the digital retail experience.

This year’s Digital Summit promises to deliver a wealth of valuable information and inspiration to all attendees, from marketing specialists to customer experience experts and everyone in between. Following all of these networking and learning opportunities, retailers will have a stronger, more flexible set of knowledge to work with as they navigate the digital retail landscape moving forward. offers workshops and events focused on ecommerce

Exploring opportunities at NRF’s 2015 Digital Summit

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