ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference

Orlando Conference: The Wonderful World of ICMI

The rising pace of service in the contact center sector is behind the theme of the ICMI expo in Orlando next week: Delivering exceptional customer experiences in a complex and changing world.

ICMI’s Contact Center Expo & Conference is being held at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, from May 22 through 25. The lineup of workshops and speakers lives up to the wonder and customer service standout that is Disney. It includes all that you can imagine – and more.

“We’re in a new era of customer experiences that’s placing demands on organizations like never before,” ICMI writes. “For contact center leaders, the importance of leveraging the right technologies, delivering service in the most effective channels, and balancing people, process and automation is at an all-time high.”

ICMI Keynotes

Tim Rauschenbach of Herff Jones is listed as a keynote on how to Transform your organization to build lifelong relationships with your customers. He started his career at Disney. Former Disney Institute employee Doug Lipp tells How Disney University develops the world’s most engaged, loyal and customer-centric employees.

 That takes us to Salesforce Vice President Keith Pearce’s session. It’s titled From transactional to intelligent conversational service: Your 2017 imperative. Pearce speaks about using “artificial intelligence, bots and empowered agents to deliver an intelligent conversational service experience that ‘wows’ every customer in every channel, every time,” ICMI writes.

Shep Hyken, customer service expert, is also on the list with his Amaze every customer every time. The keynote by Chip Bell, customer-focused strategy expert, addresses Seriously sparkly service: Making innovative service profoundly remarkable.

Speaking of wow, check out ICMI sessions

The host of sessions are too numerous to include all here. But what you’ll find on the program includes sessions like those that follow.

  • Building one of the world’s best customer experiences (from scratch)
  • Dashboard to performance improvement
  • Zero to Hero: How to build award-winning social customer care
  • 2020 Vision: Building a roadmap for your contact center’s future
  • Managing change with excellence
  • Keeping the customer service rockstars on your team


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