5 customer service tips for keeping the holidays bright

A customer service agent can go far in helping their call center customers have a cheerier holiday and a great customer experience.

The holiday shopping season kicks off on Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. It can be a demanding time for consumers, whether they shop in the store or online. But agents – or Brand Specialists as we know them at Global Response, can help brighten the pressured customer’s mood. Here are a few tips for Brand Specialists to keep in mind:

Customer service tips for the holidays – and every day


Building a customer relationship and creating brand loyalty

Keeping a customer service interaction positive may at times take some effort, but it can be very rewarding. It can be quite satisfying to know that, through your efforts as a Brand Specialist, someone is having a better day than before you worked with them. Many successful Brand Specialists hear a customer who is under pressure and instinctively try to help make the customer’s day right again. And when the specialist succeeds, they have likely strengthened the customer’s experience, as well as their relationship with – and loyalty to – the brand the specialist represents.


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