5 Tips for Designing a Winning Chat Program

The customer has spoken – and they want to access brands by chat. According to Inc. magazine, 42 percent prefer live chat because they don’t have to wait on hold. Chat core competencies include the ability to provide responses that are accurate, timely, grammatically correct and demonstrate that the Brand Specialist understands the customer’s problems. The cost is worth it, considering that ICMI reported chat’s annual growth among access channels was 12.5 percent in 2015 alone – second only to mobile growth. Consider these 5 Tips on best practices for a winning chat program design.

Tip 1. Consider offering rules-based chats.

Tip 2. Give yourself the ability to meter volumes, pairing incoming contacts with your available workforce.

Tip 3. Determine the number of chats per Brand Specialist.

Tip 4. Design appropriate forecasting.

Tip 5. Develop quality assurance specifically for chat 


A good chat program can offer your customers another option for immediacy, increase sales and provide an overall better customer experience. But it is important to apply your brand’s design concepts into the program to ensure its functionality and effectiveness. Take the time, and you will develop another sound channel for your Brand Specialists to give clients and customers the Brand experience they’re looking for.


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