5 tips to support your brand via social media. Tip 2: Respond quickly

Customers communicate more frequently on social media today and view it as an instant form of communication. When monitoring social media, know your customers’ expectations and respond accordingly. Yesterday’s Tip 1 was to Listen to your customers. Here’s the second tip:

Tip 2: Respond quickly.

  • Customers expect “always-on” support and very quick responses on social media, within 60 minutes. Scan social networks every 30 minutes for new posts.
  • Match speed to platform. Facebook, for example, considers replies within 5 minutes “very responsive” and displays your response rate on your page. If a high response rate is important to you, Brand Specialists should scan Facebook more often.
  • A more deliberate response time can signal the level of channel priority for your brand. Awareness of comprehensive channel strategy is essential.


See tomorrow’s blog for Tip 3.