5 tips to support your brand via social media monitoring. Tip 4: Personalize

The 4th tip in our Best Practices series on social media monitoring is to personalize responses to customers. While you should compile a set of pre-written replies, personalizing them will have much more impact than a generic reply. Tip 4, which follows, was preceded yesterday by Tip 3, in our blog, on creating processes.

Tip 4. Provide personalized responses.

  • Create a series of pre-written replies to post publicly or privately to help streamline the process and create consistency. Write these carefully because:
    • The customer interprets written words without tone.
    • Thousands of people can potentially see your replies.
  • Personalize pre-written responses on a case-by-case basis to be specific to that customer’s needs. A response that feels automated will be counter-productive. Add a human touch by:
    • Using a customer’s name if it’s clear from their profile, such as “Hello Donna.”
    • Ensuring the replies are positive in tone.
    • Showing empathy and apologizing when necessary.
    • Closing replies with the Brand Specialist’s name or initials, rather than a company name.

See Friday’s blog for Tip 5.