Provides support when using more than one channel

5-Point Road Map to Tech-Support Ticketing. Point 3: Provide Cross-Channel Support

A tech-support ticketing system supports communication across more than one channel, which is discussed below in Point 3 of this week’s Best Practices blog. Tuesday’s blog explored Point 2 on reporting and improvements.

Point 3: Provide Cross-Channel Support

Ticketing systems ensure communication to the customer is seamless across multiple channels – such as phone, chat and email – and allow for easy retrieval of case information.

  • If the customer previously emailed the contact center, for instance, and is now calling by phone, a ticket response system allows the Brand Specialist to view prior contact history without having to create or collect new documentation from the customer.
    • The continuity and understanding the case creates a lower-effort customer engagement.

See Thursday’s blog for Point 4.