Call Center Outsourcing v2

Call Center Outsourcing – We know your brand is special.

You’ve created a brand with a great reputation. You are a caring, customer-focused business. It’s now about leverage and scale.  You’re searching for an outsourced contact center, but it’s really an experience center that you have in mind.  You want to nurture each engagement but need help with managing the complexity.  We understand that the solution you require supports your business as a profit center and requires commitment and attention.

That’s where we come in.  We know execution centers on people, process and technology.

Our People

Your account, led by high quality management and staff who care for your Brand within an upbeat culture, includes:

  • The right relationship. A Project Manager, hand-selected to ensure optimal operations for your Brand.
  • Agents – or Brand Specialists as our associates are known – who are invested in promoting your Brand, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.
  • Training by professionals that provides knowledge of products, processes, culture and compliance.
  • Executive leadership that is engaged with your business and aligned to your interests.
  • An infrastructure team with deep experience in operational design that leverages your level of Involvement in operations.
  • A Proactive Partner who’s dedicated to bringing actionable insights to your attention that can enhance your Brand’s performance.
  • A Vibrant Culture that fosters creativity, innovation and team spirit.

Our Process

We collaborate with your team to deliver the systems and workflow best suited to your business need.  We establish a plan to ensure your Brand’s optimal operations. We provide:

  • A governance model that features Executive Business Reviews and Strategic Planning designed to deliver communication, accountability and performance.
  • A collaborative Implementation process that maps every aspect of integration with our knowledge of contact center operations.
  • An implementation and development team that includes veteran personnel certified in Customer Experience Management by Medallia.
  • Expertise in customer service, loyalty programs, order management, up selling, cross selling and social media customer care that is provided via phone, email, chat and social media applications.
  • Workforce Management that collaborates with you on recruitment, as well as forecasting, real-time monitoring and scaling staffing needs.
  • A Quality Assurance process that drives your team’s best performance and engagement.
  • Performance Initiatives with an emphasis on service level attainment and Continuous Improvement.
  • Product displays to support our Brand Specialists as they are immersed in your Brand.
  • A program customized to your business need with a competitive cost structure based on our history of delivering value for our customers.

Our Technology

Global Response has invested heavily in technology, security and business intelligence.  We feature:

  • An infrastructure based on the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise application.
  • Onsite engineering teams for the provision of skills-based automatic call distributor routing, callback and transfer capabilities; self-service interactive voice response (IVR) options; and comprehensive reporting on program data and KPIs.
  • An expansion of capabilities to include artificial intelligence (AI) and chat bots.
  • The Calabrio Quality Assurance platform, with call recording, QA scoring, forecasting, scheduling, adherence and dashboard analytics.
  • A highly tenured Technical Team with years of experience integrating  third-party systems.
  • Detailed, easily accessible, customized Reporting to include your required report structure and key performance indicators.
  • Business intelligence – analytics, focus groups and customer surveys – that provides transparency to your operations and the keys to continuous improvement.
  • Secure hardened physical site and technical infrastructure, including resilient connectivity.


Outsourcing can be a difficult process. A committed, vested partnership is the most satisfying outcome of this process.  And while technical specifications, quotes and process reviews are an essential part of the process, the key component of any engagement is fit. We firmly believe that a site visit provides the greatest opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities. You will have the opportunity to meet our team and experience our enthusiasm, Brand passion and commitment to service.

We invite you to call us to address any questions you may have.   We can discuss RFIs and RFPs, AOVs and LTVs. We appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your business and we’re happy to discuss how we might be a fit.

You can contact us using the most convenient method:

We will respond as quickly as possible.  We respect your time and we look forward to speaking with you.