Automotive Case StudyMoving vehicles – JM Family


Car dealers receive many visits from prospective auto buyers every day. Research shows that a visitor to the dealership is a serious prospect and usually buys a car within a very short window of time. In a busy dealership, it is often impossible to do an effective job of following up on non-buyers.


Current customers appreciate being reminded of needed service and rate dealers who provide this service high on satisfaction surveys.  But again, in a busy dealership it is difficult to  effectively schedule routine service appointments for buyers.

The Solution

Global Response’s Business Development Automotive Group software provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services for dealers. The process begins when a customer or prospect walks through the door of the dealership or visits its website.

If the customer does not purchase a vehicle during the visit, a follow-up call is made to them by a Global Response Brand Care Specialist within 24 hours. The call engages the potential customer in conversation about important aspects of their visit, schedules a follow-up appointment, and guides the customer through the buying process – before they purchase elsewhere. If a purchase is made, thank you calls are made. The agent also collects information to help streamline the sales process in the future. Dealers report that the third party nature of the calls encourages honest, objective and useful feedback.

In addition to calls for routine maintenance, the dealership can alert its customers to special offers and sales. All information is stored online and always available to the dealer. Daily work plans can be generated for the dealership’s sales team.

The result: dealerships report higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, and higher ratings on their important Customer Satisfaction indices.