5 Steps to Implement Net Promoter Score. Step 1: Seek Commitment

Setting up a Net Promoter Score system in your business is a process that goes well beyond simply asking the single NPS question, On a 0 to 10 scale, how likely is it that you would recommend our company/service/product to a friend or colleague. Executives, managers and front-line employees must all make a commitment to the system for it to be effective. You should determine if you will implement NPS with in-house resources or seek the expertise of a provider, such as Medallia. Today’s Best Practices blog offers Step 1 of 5 for implementing an NPS lifecycle.

Step 1. Seek commitment to the program from all levels, starting at the top.

  • Generate alignment on goals and outcomes to be delivered by the program.
  • Determine who will be accountable for shepherding implementation of NPS.
  • Establish the process for NPS, from creating survey questions to determining process improvements to enhance your customer experience.

See Tuesday’s blog for Step 2.