Fraudulent Job Post and Email Alert – June 2016

Fraudulent job openings have been posted on job recruiting and social media sites websites by persons or entities posing as Global Response Corporation. Names are used that appear very similar to, such as Global Response LLC, or In other cases, emails impersonate actual employees, e.g. instead the correct format which ends in

Applicants responding to the fraudulent job posts have been receiving emails requesting personally identifiable information that could be used for identity theft. In some cases applicants have received small checks along with a request for bank account information to trick them into stealing your bank deposits. Some emails have requested pre-hiring payments. It’s easy to be deceived as the perpetrators emails may contain Global Response logos and images.

We never request banking, credit card, drivers’ licenses, age or address information from online job applicants. Likewise we never ask for money, charitable donations, or purchases to obtain a job. If you are applying for a job and receive a request for sensitive personal information DO NOT REPLY.

WE ONLY HIRE job candidates after an in-person interview at our Margate headquarters with our Human Resources team.

If you have any questions about an application, please contact Global Response Corporation Human Resource Department at (954) 969-2433 or our general line at (800) 537-8000 or (954) 973-7300. For your security, do not call any other number.

You can report any suspected fraudulent job post or email to:, or by calling the FTC at: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) and your local police.

For tips on spotting fraudulent job posts and other online job scams, please visit:

Example fraudulent emails:

fraudalertexample1 fraudalertexample2