Sales, cross-sell and upsell

Sales, cross-sell and upsell. We do it your way.

We mirror your sales process and become an extension of your sales team. The buying options we present to your customers always make sense to them.

A sale is more than a one-time transaction; it’s an experience that brings your customers back or sends them packing! Global Response specializes in communicating your brand personality and delivering a buying experience that drives repeat business.

We’re flexible in our approach to selling your products. Our goal is to adapt our environment to your business model and product matrix to achieve the highest possible performance, handling every cross-sell and upsell opportunity in a way that works for your brand.

Your outsourced sales team

Your customers will never question where your services end and ours begin. Global Response has developed an intense process that finds, hires and matches talent to suit your brand personality.

Our mission is to become an extension of your sales strategy. We study every facet of your operation by sending our people to your headquarters, giving them a first-hand account of how your business runs. We mirror your training, work environment and business rules. The result? Your brand essence permeates every interaction between our Brand Care Specialists and your customers.

Supporting your sales strategy

You need to use the right technology that fits your sales plan. Global Response offers a broad range of options, from the use of OrderNet, our proprietary order processing system, to your very own in-house system. We can also integrate the platforms into your overarching order processing infrastructure.

Do you know how your retailing trends are performing? With our web-based reporting, you have instant access to real-time data such as inventory levels, daily sales, conversions and more. And if you need this information integrated into your existing reporting infrastructure, we offer extensive reporting integration solutions.

The art of customer engagement

When dealing with a contact center representative, your customers don’t want to feel  pressured to add more to their order or led to purchase more expensive items; first and foremost, they want to talk, chat or email with people who are knowledgeable and friendly. Our Brand Care Specialists possess the necessary skills and temperaments to provide your customers with pleasant and informed assistance, while still upselling and/or cross-selling by presenting them with options in a helpful, positive manner.