Infrastructure. Designed to be rock solid, best in class.

The Global Response technology infrastructure and telecommunications framework are designed with redundancy and failover built throughout.

We are connected to AT&T™ through an OC12 Sonet SMARTring, effectively becoming a node on the AT&T local fiber loop. The loop is self-healing; if one fiber pair is cut, the opposite pair continues carrying all traffic. This circuit can reliably carry over 8,000 simultaneous calls.

Marchello: Brand Care Technical Specialist, connects all the dots.

Multiple carriers

Global Response provisions long distance carrier service from many sources including your own choice installed on our premises. The OC12 Ring makes this easier, more resilient, and less expensive. Our own carriers include AT&T, Qwest/CenturyLink, Paetec/Windstream and inContact.

The Internet

Global Response takes the Internet seriously, providing a safe hosting facility for major retailers. We maintain bandwidth with multiple carriers as well.

Member of TSPL

Global Response is a registered member of the Telephone Service Priority List maintained by the   U.S. Department of Homeland Security. In the event of a carrier failure we are an important part of the protection of U.S. assets – including your business.

Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Global Response has standardized on the Cisco UCCE platform. This allows us to rapidly deploy distributed contact center infrastructure. With switches in all our locations we have the potential for failover throughout. CTI integration is the cornerstone of our environment. Surrounding this platform is Calabrio workforce management, call recording, voice mail, messages on hold, call accounting, and Symposium skills-based routing, Genesys IVR.

We have also integrated with Avaya platforms, Mitel and others. We are capable of using the client’s platform of choice.

Global Response is at the forefront of VOIP (Voice over the Internet) with the ability to serve agents at home as well as at remote locations in a seamless configuration with our main office.  VOIP creates a unified ACD, creates opportunities for different carrier routes and makes for flexible wiring arrangements.


Global Response provides a complete solution for third party outsourced call center applications. Some of the toughest requirements in the industry are relatively easy challenges due to our preparation and infrastructure. We make configurations daily while some companies do this once a month or even once a year. The experience shows through Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), custom on-hold messaging, web-based reporting, remote monitoring, call recording, VOIP, and predictive dialing.

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