A 5-Point Road Map to the Tech-Support Ticketing System. Point 2: Report and Improve

The second installment of our Best Practices blog focusing on the tech-support ticket system is Point 2: Report and Improve, which follows. Our last blog looked at Point 1: Document and Route.

Point 2: Report and Improve

Not only does a ticketing system allow for efficiencies to be tracked by Brand Specialists, it also allows reporting to be tracked on specific data.

  • Reporting particularly assists in quantifying technical issues. It helps determine if an issue is widespread or only affects a specific subset of users.
  • It can track the average response time to ensure timely contact with customers and to estimate time until final resolution for the customer during a technical outage.
  • Creating and reporting on specific service level agreements related to technical resolution is critical to the business.
  • The cases in aggregate can be utilized to develop a knowledge base for future reference and support customer interactions.

See Wednesday’s blog for Point 3.