Tech-Support Ticketing Systems. Point 4: Prioritize

5-Point Road Map to Tech-Support Ticketing. Point 4: Prioritize

Global Response’s Best Practice blog this week explores tech-support ticketing systems in the contact center. Yesterday, Point 3 discussed how ticketing systems support cross-channel communication. Point 4: Prioritize explains their use in assigning the importance of activities.

Point 4: Prioritize

Ticketing systems allow management and technical teams to determine what should be prioritized and the sequence of activities.

  • Customers are looking for the informed resolution, especially when they are experiencing a technical issue for a paid service. Prioritizing tickets allows for greater visibility of the process for the Brand Specialist and quicker resolution for customers.
  • Tickets can be tagged with information that enables mass communication to be sent to affected customers.
  • The ticketing system easily allows the workload to be distributed based on individual skillsets of the contact center team.

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