5 Steps to Implement Net Promoter Score (NPS) in Your Business

Setting up a Net Promoter Score system is a process that goes well beyond simply asking the single NPS question.

Executives, managers and front-line employees must all be onboard to make the system effective.

You should determine if you will implement Net Promoter Score with in-house resources or through a provider, such as Medallia.

Here are 5 steps to implement an NPS lifecycle:

1. Seek commitment to the program from all levels, starting at the top

  • Generate alignment on goals and outcomes to be delivered by the program.
  • Determine who will be accountable for shepherding implementation.
  • Establish the process for NPS, from creating survey questions to determining process improvements to enhance your customer experience.

2. Create the best survey questions

  • Include the NPS question: On a 0-10 scale, how likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a colleague, family member or friend?
  • Determine whether NPS will be transactional or relationship-based; how and when the survey will be delivered and to whom.
  • Devise secondary questions, which should provide additional context for the Net Promoter Score. Additional questions potentially include:
    • What about your experience did you enjoy or not enjoy?
    • Did the Brand Specialist resolve your transaction in one contact?
    • What would you suggest as an improvement in the experience you had?

3. Create the survey questions

  • Determine what applications you need to collect, calculate and report NPS and whether they are in-house or you must acquire them.
  • Make a commitment to provide the time to read and analyze additional questions.

4. Create the survey questions

  • Recognize that there’s value in quickly addressing detractors as a means to protect your brand.
  • After you analyze comments, determine what process or system changes you will pursue first and how you will implement change.
  • Maintain integration between NPS intent and what specialists are graded on. Keep them in sync.
  • Coach Brand Specialists in processes, skills and techniques so that your policy change positively impacts NPS.

5. Create the survey questions

  • Determine how you will measure success of improvements, starting with changes in your Net Promoter Score.
  • Celebrate material improvements in results with the team.
  • Share individual results with each Brand Specialist as feedback.


Once you have implemented an NPS lifecycle, follow its progress to ensure that it’s effectively reflecting customer experiences as well as feeding the continuous improvement loop to optimize the customer experience. 

Measuring and communicating progress of improvements to the team should help perpetuate the cycle.


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