5 Steps to Conducting Panel Interviews. Step 1: Prepare

Call centers conduct one-on-one interviews of job candidates as a standard process. Panel interviews can be effective as a supplement. While the two are similar, a panel interview can draw out candidate qualities that a one-on-one interview may not. The first of five steps for a successful panel interview follows:

Step 1. Prepare for the Interviews.

  • Select two to three interviewers who will pose questions to five to eight candidates during the same session.
  • Create the list of questions that will be posed to the candidates. These questions should be designed to create dialogue within the group. See Tip 3 for examples.
  • Determine which interviewer will take on the role of scribe.
    • The scribe records the most notable comments during the interview. This is important later when your team discusses and evaluates the candidates and their answers following the panel interview.
    • Each interviewer can still take notes to record their own impressions during the session as each may perceive comments in a different way.

See Tuesday’s blog for Step. 2.

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