5 Tips for Structuring a Successful Contact Center QBR. Tip 2: Approach

In preparing your contact center Quarterly Business Review (QBR), the topic of our weekly Best Practices blog, design an effective approach that encompasses the required scope. Tip 2, which follows, suggests a past-present-future perspective. Yesterday, we focused on Tip 1: Know Your Audience.

2. Employ a past-present-future approach

An effective QBR approach is one that examines “where we are,” “where we’ve been,” and “where we’re going.”

  • Past. It’s fair to compare the most recent quarter’s performance to the previous quarter and the same quarter of a year ago to review the variance.
  • Present. The “present” portion should be focused on what is happening now in order to gauge any improvements implemented during the quarter.
  • Future. The forward-looking segment should be used to align program initiatives with service delivery and a technology strategy with respect to any resource consideration.

See Tip 3 in Wednesday’s blog.

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