5 Tips for Structuring a Successful Contact Center QBR. 3: Examine Performance

The third tip in our Best Practices series this week, Structuring a Successful Contact Center Quarterly Business Review (QBR), is: Examine performance with core KPIs, supporting metrics and observations. Tip 3 follows. Yesterday’s blog focused on Tip 2., Employ a past-present-future approach.

3. Examine performance with core KPIs, supporting metrics and observations.

Review of the quarter should include a summary of call center performance metrics. Then dissect them to understand the underlying cause for strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improved performance.

  • Call center KPIs. The QBR should include a review of core KPIs as a measure of SLA performance during the quarter. Supporting metrics allow the business to determine the impact of seasonal variance. Qualified observations then provide context for any changes in the KPI and metrics. These lead to an overall understanding of performance.
  • Metrics. A qualitative numerical field of business, based on contracted elements intended to drive the design and execution of the program.
  • Service. This provides a qualitative view of the service that has been delivered. Typical examples include Net Promoter Score (NPS) or CSAT scoring that represents the customer’s view of the quality of service.
  • Focus on improvement.
    • Update. Provide status reports on previously identified Improvement Plans. Highlight specific areas that have delivered improvement. Deal with them up front and show what progress has been made.
    • New. Identify new opportunities for improvement, a timeline and the measurements of success.
  • Kudos. Capturing the successes and celebrations of a program are as important as capturing the opportunities. Customer sentiment, employee recognition and product launch feedback can be invaluable secret weapons to a successful program.

See tomorrow’s blog for Tip 4.

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