A 5-Point Road Map to the Tech-Support Ticketing System. Point 1: Document and Route

A ticketing system documents, identifies and categorizes customer interactions by the nature of the call, giving the contact center client the ability to see the big picture view of tech-support transactions. It also serves as a tool to organize individual customer interactions. Deploying the service desk concept reveals specific issues that are affecting groups of users, such as web glitches that need immediate attention or software functions that should be addressed in subsequent releases. The client can then prioritize these categories, allocate resources and resolve issues according to priority and timing. These five processes enable an effective use of the ticketing system.

Point 1. Document and Route

A ticketing system allows Brand Specialists to easily document customer interactions into predetermined fields to ensure specific information is captured on particular escalations. This information:

  • Is stored and easily searchable.
  • Can be escalated to management or specific functional groups to be resolved and transferred back to the Brand Specialist for final delivery to the user.

See Point 2 in our next blog.