Brand Care

With your brand and our passion, we’ll drive sales and loyalty by “speaking your brand” with every customer interaction. We call it Brand Care.

Our Brand Specialists care about your brand as much as you do. They think of themselves as working for you and your brand, not just for Global Response.

Our specialists often receive your products and services, enabling them to speak from experience when advising customers.

On the call-center floor, Brand Specialists are surrounded by your brand.

We go above and beyond to learn about your brand, identify with it and discover a passion for it.

Training and QA Support

We go above and beyond to learn about your brand, identify with it and discover a passion for it. So when we talk to your customers, they get the same experience they’d get talking to you.

Here are factors of the Brand Care practices we follow that enable us to communicate and strengthen your brand.

    • Better recruiting — Experienced recruiters. A tightly run and well-developed Human Resources office headed by a 25-year veteran HR exec. Decades of background in recruiting. A focus on recruiting the right people for the right brand. A policy of recruiting for retention and well-documented testing methods.
    • Better training — Dedicated trainers. On-site classroom training. E-learning. Well-documented training processes. We work closely with you to create the right training processes. We often send Brand Specialists to your HQ or training sites to immerse them in brand values and brand personality.
    • More experience — In business since 1974. Trusted by many of the world’s leading global brands. We provide a wealth of insight gained from our years of experience with similar projects.
    • The right technology — Integration allows our specialists to use the same systems you are using in-house. That puts everyone on the same platform. Having the right tools and technology lets our people perform better and provide a smooth, informed, “high-touch” customer interaction.
    • Systems and processes — Workforce management. Experienced project managers and command chain. Quality assurance, call monitoring and scoring, reporting and analytics.

How we “speak your brand”

Our in-depth call center training program and detailed quality assurance process ensure we know you and your customers’ needs. That ensures we provide great service that follows your policies and procedures.

Because our Brand Specialists speak your brand, we can help you handle a much higher volume of calls. Doing that boosts transactions and revenue, and fosters loyalty by guarding the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

It means we succeed at up-sell and cross-sell methods, because we know your customers and can suggest the right products.

Brand Care Overview

Quality Assurance