Call Center Quality Assurance

A Call Center with a Quality Assurance program that upholds the standards you have set for your brand. 

Our Quality Assurance program at Global Response is meticulously aligned with your brand’s standards. It is designed to measure, develop and maintain Brand Specialist performance that meets or exceeds your ideal.

Top Call Center QA: Upholding brand standards and enhancing customer loyalty

Each QA program is unique

Each of our clients has a distinct set of standards and goals for their brands. We work side by side with each client to develop their call center quality assurance program and to create a tailored QA form that is aligned with their needs. We create the scorecard for each account jointly with our client, line item by line item.

This is a living, breathing form that continues to evolve based on each client’s guidelines.

Meeting expectations

Quality monitoring in call centers ensures alignment between brand standards and the customer interactions Brand Specialists deliver. We monitor calls, email and chat using tailored QA forms to ensure Brand Specialists follow the right procedures. This practice ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A Quality Manager audits, scores and coaches each Brand Specialist weekly with the form as their checklist. In addition to that coaching, we plan group huddles and training sessions around performance trends revealed by the QA process.


We are the eyes and the ears of our clients, and vigilantly convey opportunities to them.

Our QA program helps us point to areas of opportunity and strengths that can better the brand. That extends even beyond developing and maintaining Brand Specialist strengths.

If process improvement opportunities emerge through our work with customers in our contact center, we share them with our client. This reveals opportunities that they may not have known existed.

Calibrating Quality

Our Quality program is transparent to our clients. We meet weekly – or at their preferred frequency – to share the results of monitoring. This ensures we are in line with our clients’ scoring expectations in a process known as calibration.

Clients are always able to monitor Brand Specialist phone calls, emails and chats. They can review along with us or alone, and as often as they wish. The process ensures our team and each client are aligned on call calibration guidelines.