Our training programs give our Brand Specialists the soft skills, product knowledge and brand understanding they need to consistently deliver outstanding customer experiences.

We know that training and retaining Brand Specialists, and helping them grow in skills and knowledge, is vital to maintaining continuity and delivering exceptional customer care. We have an outstanding record of training and retaining our Brand Specialists, who become true experts on your company’s personality and brands.

Sales training for upselling and cross-selling

Our sales training course identifies the essentials of successful upselling and cross-selling and gives agents practice in call preparation, opening the call and building rapport, personalizing the call, identifying questioning techniques, gracefully handling customer resistance, matching customer needs with product benefits, and closing techniques.

This focused, one-day course is filled with exercise, role-plays, and guided participant response materials.

With more than three decades of experience in training agents for hundreds of clients, we have built a collection of best training practices, and we are happy to share them with clients to ensure the most effective training possible.

Once our agents are trained, we continue to monitor their performance via our Quality Assurance procedures, which you can read more about here.

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Training as part of new client implementation

Training is a critical part of the process of adding a new client. We often go to the client’s site to observe how they train their own agents and participate in train-the-trainer sessions so we can effectively communicate the client’s culture to our staff.

The training facilities at all our locations are equipped with internet-enabled workstations, flat screen monitors, whiteboards, and teleconferencing and videoconferencing equipment.

Training materials are stored in a knowledge base that can be accessed via a web portal.

We make sure the right agents always have access to the right materials when they need them, including manuals for our clients’ products, updates on policies and procedures, and more.

We use our quality assurance (QA) function as a way to coach agents and improve training.

If we notice a trend indicating that agents on one or several accounts could use more coaching in a specific skill, we improve the module in our curriculum relating to that skill.


The Training Department at Global Response consists of a director of training for all customer contact centers, site-training managers and Level I and II instructors.

Training, QA and operations management teams are organized autonomously to ensure objectivity and integrity.

Unlike much-larger call centers where training is standardized, our approach to training is flexible and tailored for every client.

Depending on your needs, we conduct classroom training programs for our specialists that last from one day to six weeks, and each program is customized for your products, culture and systems.

All training is instructor-led so that our Brand Specialists can always ask a person for help and interact with someone who knows the subject matter.

Our quality assurance analysts, project managers and trainers are all on the same floor as our Brand Specialists and are accessible to them to provide answers and guidance on the spot.

Our more-experienced agents also serve as mentors and resources, helping train our newer agents.

We understand that e-learning has its place, but ours is a people business, and we believe using live instructors is the best way to teach the people skills Brand Specialists need to connect with customers.

We encourage your participation in training.

In fact, sometimes our clients do all the training for the Brand Specialists who will work on their account. Sometimes we do it all, and often it’s a combination.

Depending on the client, we can prepare our own training materials, use materials supplied by our client or combine the two.

Instructor-led courses

Our instructor-led courses provide agents with the skills they need to communicate effectively with customers.

They learn about one-and two-way communication, barriers that prevent effective communication, voice characteristics, and active listening techniques.

Communication skills are reinforced through exercises, role-plays, and guided participant-response materials.

The program trains agents on proper call-handling techniques: included are lessons on making a good first impression, telephone courtesy, hold and transfer procedures and assisting displeased customers.

Exercises, inventories, and exams are used to reinforce learning objectives.