5 Tips to Build the Right Culture in the Contact Center. Tip 4: Broadcast Opportunities

Broadcast Opportunities to Build the Right Business Culture

Developing associates’ skills and making them aware of opportunities in the contact center contribute to their engagement. Today’s Tip 4 in our Best Practices blog on building the right business culture tells you more. Wednesday, Tip 3 discussed investing in training.

Tip 4. Broadcast Opportunities

  • Invest in and work with Brand Specialists to develop their skills to build a bench of experience and prepare them for growth within the company.
  • Hire from within.
  • Conduct management development classes to identify and train selected Brand Specialists for future management roles. It enhances Brand Specialist’s self-value in the contact center as well as assists your organization to prepare management candidates that can be available when needed.


See Friday’s blog for Tip 5.


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