Case Management Software: Mastering Case-by-Case Customer Relationships

The modern customer demands quality service at every stage of the purchase and support journey. Since multiple channels of communication factor into the purchase funnel, call center representatives need to have a firm handle on the past, present and future customer touchpoints that make up the entire experience. This is why case management software, implemented appropriately to your businesses processes, is essential in order to foster engagement and build loyalty, and should be a central strategy in your call center outlook.

Knowledge is power
Between phone conversations, social media exchanges, email threads and live chat support, the typical customer journey is more varied and unpredictable than ever before. This is not only due to the development of unique new communication channels, but also the result of preferential differences from one consumer to the next. In fact, according to Investors.com, a survey from the International Customer Management Institute revealed that 86 percent of customers demand access to the channel of their choice, and aren’t afraid to dismiss a brand if they don’t deliver.

“With centralized case management, your agents have access to the resources they need to lead top-notch interactions.”

In order for businesses to scale to meet the demands of their consumers brands need a case management strategy to make the most of these compelling technologies and the call center resources at your disposal. This means creating processes that reflect the management of these diverse channels, empowering service reps with the ability to draw from the information gathered in past interactions. With this centralized approach, your agents have access to all the resources they need to provide your customers with high-quality interactions.

Consistency and quality
Case management software simplifies and streamlines agents’ tasks, promoting improved customer experiences rich with context and historical information. A representative with access to a complete record of prior interactions spread across multiple channels will be able to make faster, more informed decisions when engaging customers, minimizing repetitive processes and expediting resolutions.

Agents enabled by this centralized approach are also prompted with best practices when it comes to policy and procedure, upholding greater consistency across the customer journey. Even if a caller is redirected to another representative with a specialized expertise, the information remains intact and relevant to the situation at hand. This conveys a standard of customer treatment, which is returned by consumers who feel they are receiving precise, personalized support. As Enterprise Innovation noted, this level of engagement is what truly fuels ROI.

“Take a holistic view of omni-channel campaign and customer relationship management to enhance engagement and encourage loyalty,” explained a IDC Retail Insights report, according to the source. “The more up-to-the minute data is the more competitive retail advantage can be gained.”

Case Management Software
More channels mean more opportunity to facilitate great customer interactions.

All about insight
Finally, performance tracking and improvement efforts driven by metrics and analytics are given a major boost when you develop a centralized case management strategy, as the customer journey is visible from beginning to end with insight into every channel utilized. Rather than piecing together interactive histories across disparate systems and filling in the gaps with guesswork, you can rest assured that your analytics accurately reflect the trajectory of the customer experience and provide the details necessary to tighten up processes across the contact center.

Echoing the importance of analytics, Destination CRM pointed out that metrics such as average handle time can offer valuable insight into the effectiveness of a current call center strategy. When you deploy a streamlined case management solution, you can dig much deeper into the wealth of analytics provided by multiple channels and interconnected checkpoints.

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