Companies Miss Most Social Data: An Opportunity for Proactive Customer Support

A recent infographic by the social analytics firm Evzdrop reports that “97% of Tweets” and “95% of Facebook posts” are not answered or seen by businesses.

Social media customer care solves for this by bridging the gap between a brand’s consumer and their chosen customer service outlet.  By setting up a social listening-and-response strategy, a brand can:

  • Know what its consumers are saying about the brand without paying for expensive polls, surveys or focus groups
  • Respond to customer inquiries, turning brand detractors into brand evangelists
  • Take advantage of real-time marketing opportunities to cross-sell and upsell

To execute this strategy, all that is required is a brand partner to implement, staff, and operate the 24/7 response requirements of social media.  Not only will you have a finger on the consumer’s pulse, but your brand will be on the cutting edge of customer care, responding to the market’s fastest growing service channel.

Global Response provides high-touch social media brand care with the people, platforms, and plan to fully leverage your social mentions.


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