Customer Service Week: All About Building Trust

People who work in customer service deserve a hearty round of applause for Customer Service Week every beginning week of October, as well as every day of the year.

Customer Service Week Honors a Unique Brand of People

Brand Specialists at Global Response are very special people, devoted to providing customers efficient and pleasant assistance and exceptional experiences.

Customer Service Week 2017They make it work by becoming the Brand they represent, effectively living our motto: Your Brand. Our Passion! Brand Specialists undergo thorough product and Brand training.

They bring strong people skills that let them relate to and connect with the customer. Most of all, they have the innate desire to serve.

That’s a characteristic that can’t be taught, but is critical to their success, says a Global Response contact center leader.

They step up to the plate to assist the customer, whatever mood the customer is in when they call, email, chat or comment on social media.

Lastly, these Brand Specialists keep smiling and are genuinely happy to help a customer in the best way possible.

Building Trust with Customer Service Champions

They are Customer Service Champions, which was the theme of last year’s Customer Service Week.

And they practice the theme of this year’s event – Building Trust – in every customer interaction as well as in their teams.

Customer Service Week is an international celebration.

The U.S. Congress gave the celebration national recognition in 1992.

The week lauds the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support customers, says the site, csweek.com. Csweek.com is operated by the Customer Service Group, which has sponsored the official program for the event since 1991.

How to Build Trust through Customer Service

Csweek.com offers these tips for building trust:

  1. Give Trust. Start a positive cycle of trust by extending trust to others.
  2. Keep Commitments. Say what you will do, then do it.
  3. Accept Responsibility. Hold yourself accountable for your words and deeds.
  4. Solve Problems. Make things right when they go wrong.
  5. Be Honest. Tell the truth and keep your word.






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