Point 2: Report and Improve Data Quality For 5 Point Road Map Success

The second installment of our Best Practices blog focusing on the 5 Point Road Map for tech-support ticket system success is Point 2: report and improve data quality, which follows.

Our last blog looked at Point 1: Document and Route.

Point 2: Report and Improve Data Quality is essential for a customer service. Read more to find out why!

Not only does a ticketing system allow for efficiencies to be tracked by Brand Specialists, it also allows reporting to be tracked on specific data.

  • Reporting particularly assists in quantifying technical issues. It helps determine if an issue is widespread or only affects a specific subset of users.
  • It can track the average response time to ensure timely contact with customers and to estimate time until final resolution for the customer during a technical outage.
  • Creating and reporting on specific service level agreements related to technical resolution is critical to the business.
  • The cases in aggregate can be utilized to develop a knowledge base for future reference and support customer interactions.

Reporting and improving data quality is crucial to your customer support

The ticketing system is an important tool for the organization, analysis and prioritization of issues.

The contact center benefits by having an efficient process for documenting, retrieving and escalating interactions with customers.

Remember, 82% of consumers say the No. 1 factor that leads to a great customer experience is having their issues resolved quickly, according to ICMI.

Having the right ticketing system that connects your customers to an openly communicated resolution path is the best way to support your technology business.

See Wednesday’s blog for Point 3: Provide Cross Channel Support for 5-Point Road Map Success.

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