Developing call center management: Step 3, Shadowing

Global Response’s blog this week has discussed Step 1 (Selecting) and Step 2 (Observing) internal candidates you want to develop for leadership positions at your call center. Next is Step 3, Shadowing – giving your candidate the chance to watch how leadership works:

Step 3. Shadowing. The candidate observes their manager in the full daily routine.

  • The candidate follows the manager through the course of a day and observes how the manager interacts with call center and client staff
  • They are mentored on the management of the business through analysis of metrics
  • The manager queries the candidate on what they’ve experienced, such as what they took away from a weekly touchback meeting with the client
  • Candidate presentation skills are also developed as they are asked to analyze and present the day’s metrics to explain the team’s service level performance


See Thursday for Step 4.

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