Domestic Outsourcing Call Center

The cultural and geographic benefits of partnering with a domestic contact center can make a notable difference in customer care.

Brands that sell to U.S. customers reap benefits when selecting a domestic call center – some glaringly obvious, others not as much. Sharing the same language, for instance, provides one of the more evident advantages of contracting a U.S. call center partner that’s in the same country where a brand is based or sold.

But other, more subtle cultural elements make a significant difference in the customer care experience.

Our domestic call center Brand Specialists can gain strong familiarity with a brand’s products and services

Cultural alignment

When a domestic call center Brand Specialist lives and works in the same country as a brand’s U.S. customers, both enjoy a cultural connection that’s hard to duplicate with a center located outside the United States.

The connection is created through a mutual familiarity with culture, colloquialisms, trends and regional dialects.

Plus, American contact centers operate in the nation’s unique shopping cycle, where sales surge around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, Tax Free Holidays and the back-to-school season, among others.

Geography, weather and news can impact U.S. consumer attitudes and call center services.

A U.S. contact center with a strong connection to the nation’s pulse will result in a higher level of customer comfort and satisfaction.

And the contact center will be more aligned with the U.S. customer’s distinct perspective on privacy and confidentiality.

American financial familiarity is critical to contact center conversations that often involve sensitive information and the need to understand the value of the U.S. dollar.

That knowledge can ensure callers feel comfortable, respected and well treated, providing an opening for the Brand Specialist to capitalize on value-driven up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

The advantages of hiring a U.S. domestic contact center are true for American brands and brands that want to establish a stronger presence in the United States.

European, South American or Asian brands that partner with a U.S. contact center will instantly align with the American audience, boosting customer comfort, trust and familiarity, and potentially accelerating the brand’s growth in the United States.

Proximity advantages

Business partners that are geographically close benefit from ease of access to each other.

When a company can easily and frequently visit its contact center partner, the two can coordinate more in-depth training programs – with greater quality control – for the Brand Specialists who are expected to gain strong familiarity with the products and services offered by the brand.

Other aspects of contact center management require closer, more strategic training efforts as well.

Call centers may provide companies based outside the United States with the use of office space on their sites to help the brand settle in and be productive while they work with their contact center team.

Video conferencing has also proven to be an efficient option for non-U.S. companies, minimizing the distance between their countries.

The bottom line for partnering with a U.S. contact center can reflect the benefits from the Brand Specialist’s inherent familiarity with the culture and personality of the U.S. consumer.

Perhaps these words best sum up the omnichannel customer care experience:”There’s no place like home.”