Global Response gets a glimpse of the future at Shoptalk 2019

Retail’s future will unfold at Shoptalk, the conference that explores the latest trends, technologies and business models in the industry, when it opens in Las Vegas March 3-6, 2019.

The Global Response team will be walking the floor at Shoptalk, discovering how retail is evolving through the many sessions and keynotes featured this year.  There are several presentations that look of interest, but our favorites tackle digital transformation, omni-channel advances and technology including artificial intelligence, as well as consumer psychology and customer experience. Following are our top picks that piqued our curiosity:

Digital Transformation

Global Response has helped several brands manage the transition to digital.  We are always interested in learning how great brands, like these avoid missteps and find success.

  • The Digital Transformation of Traditional Retailers and Brands: Three brands and retailers talk about the challenges of digital transformation – such as adding e-commerce – and measuring progress, with Suzanne Hader of John Hardy, Doug Straton of The Hershey Co., Narayan Iyengar of Albertsons and Zia Daniell Wigder of Shoptalk. Sunday, March 3.
  • The New Digital Organization: This is a session on how to run and organize a digital company, featuring: JJ Fleeman of Peapod Digital Labs and Ahold Delhaize USA, Amy Eschliman of Sephora, Jonathan DelFino of Swarovski and Wijnand Jongen of Thuiswinkel. Sunday, March 3.


Omni-channel organizations do more than offer multiple places for customer contact.  Global Response understands that brands must offer a consistent and seamless experience. 

  • Omni-channel and the Seamless Physical and Digital Organization: The challenges of becoming a seamless and fully integrated omni-channel organization, featuring Scott Perry of Bob’s Discount Furniture, Letitia Webster of Tractor Supply, Tim Madigan of Tyson Foods and Michelle Grant of Euromonitor International. Wednesday, March 6.


With the emergence of AI over the last two years, we are excited to hear how cutting edge brands are putting this into practice.  Global Response works to keep their brand partners ahead of the learning curve by leveraging experience.

  • Personalization: The speakers discuss how personalization based on artificial intelligence (AI) helps build connections with customers, with Emre Baran of Qubit; Jana Eggers of Nara Logics, Christian Selchau-Hansen of Formation.ai and Philip Thompson of Amazon. Monday, March 4.
  • Top AI Use Cases in Retail: AI experts and leaders discuss the best uses for artificial intelligence in retail. Jack Hanlon of Jet.com, Jennifer Ogden-Reese of SeatGeek, Pradeep Elankumaran of Farmstead, Erik Andrejko of Kraft Heinz and Janie Yu of Fung Capital. Wednesday, March 6.

The always-changing customer

Global Response, as an outsource contact center partner, is all about relationships and providing the best customer experiences.  We are excited to see so many great options focused on the changing trends in customer behavior and the reaction to it.

  • Creating New Global Shopping Experiences: Three international brands share how they approach markets and meet varying shoppers’ needs, with Andrea Dorigo of Estee Lauder, Henry Stupp of Cherokee, and Zia Daniell Wigder of Shoptalk. Monday, March 4.
  • Engaging Customers through Next Generation Mobile Experiences: Speakers talk on their groundbreaking mobile efforts that successfully fulfill customers’ needs, featuring Allison Peterson of Best Buy, Krystina Gustafson of Shoptalk, Michael Martin of Nike and Deborah Weinswig of Coresight Research.  Tuesday, March 5.
  • Creating a Single View of the Customer: Using data to create a 360-degree view of the customer, with Charlie Cole of Samsonite, Steve Miller of JOANN Stores, Greg Fancher of Express and Jason Goldberg of Publicis Communications. Tuesday, March 5

Those are just a few of the sessions – and that doesn’t include some of the great keynotes from the likes of Erik Nordstrom of the department store of the same name and Helena Foulkes, CEO of Hudson’s Bay Company.  Go to the Shoptalk 2019 website for the full agenda. We hope to meet you at the show.

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