Global Response: Inside Our Culture

When you think of a contact center, what is it that you imagine? Do you picture a large, nondescript building with hundreds of people staring at computer screens? People seeming a little disconnected from their work? This is the vision most people have when they think of a contact center. However, because of our vibrant company culture, Global Response is just the opposite.

The workplace infrastructure of Global Response is built on our core principles – brand passion, flexibility, and fun. Our office is refreshing and interactive. The work environment is not that of any other contact center. We are much, much different. We are an energetic, fast-growing company with over 1,000 employees across the country. Global Response has built our reputation on exceeding customer expectations and immersing ourselves in the brands we represent every day.

We pride ourselves on our vibrant, family-oriented culture. We work in a fast-paced and professional environment that is safe, friendly, and inclusive for all of our employees. We continually celebrate teamwork, flexibility, and exceptional customer service. The team at Global Response comprises a diverse group of thinkers who promote a team-like mentality and foster a cooperative, engaging, and encouraging workspace.

One of the significant ways Global Response is different from other contact centers is how our employees are seen and valued. Our associates are not merely looked at as agents employed by a contact center. We classify all of our call center associates as brand specialists. A brand specialist is an empowered brand ambassador that applies training, experience, passion, and customer insights to build relationships and create memorable customer experiences. In short, our Brand Specialists are not just call center agents – they are responsible for making meaningful connections and delivering excellent service.

In developing our company culture, Global Response has focused largely on emphasizing our team members’ importance. Proper time is taken to train and integrate a brand specialist into the culture of the particular brand and company they are representing. Because of this, brand specialists take pride in their work. They are not just a body in a seat but are part of a team representing a brand. This is the difference between creating a career path vs. just collecting a paycheck.

Because of this, team members view their position at Global Response as a career and not a job. Each brand specialist has the highest level of knowledge and the ability to focus on one brand experience instead of being assigned to a new brand each day or week and not fully immerse themselves in the brand. Our brand specialists enjoy opportunities for growth and unique perks like onsite food trucks and childcare reimbursement. 

At Global Response, we make sure that we are continually investing in our people to advance and succeed. We offer continued training and skills development regularly and encourage all of our employees to challenge themselves whenever possible.

Global Response takes an extreme amount of pride in the work environment that we can provide. Our company culture is one of inclusivity, positivity, and encouragement. We’re committed to investing in our people and to the growth of their careers. Come see for yourself what it is like to work for Global Response. We’re always happy to add new members to our Global Family!

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