Growth During Unprecedented Times

In a time of uncertainty, many businesses are changing and having to adapt to new processes and procedures almost daily. It’s true that no one could have predicted this situation and what it would mean for the economy, but those that anticipated needs and were able to meet the demand for additional online customer service rose above the rest. While many companies were forced to pause or shut down altogether, others actually benefited from the drastic changes.

Over the past year, the landscape of the business world has dramatically changed. With government-mandated shutdowns, so many businesses have been forced to shut down or adapt. Many companies simply do not have the ability or the infrastructure to pivot, adjust their strategy, and adapt to the changing economic environment. However, due to the way Global Response operates, we have actually experienced growth during unprecedented times.

We have found that due to the circumstances, clients have more support needs currently than they have in the past. People are unable to physically visit stores and businesses to handle their customer service requests. This means the number of calls and online inquiries is rapidly increasing. Global Response is proud to be able to adapt and help during this time.

As a company, Global Response did have to make adjustments to our daily routines, but because of our infrastructure, it did not deter us from completing and excelling at our job. Nearly a year ago, we were able to move hundreds of employees off-site to continue working from home, all within one week. Now, over the past year at Global Response, it’s been far more than business as usual. We’ve grown significantly as a company due to the increased need for online and virtual customers.

Global Response operates from a cloud-based system that removes limitations and essentially frees us to any one location. This type of system allows us to pivot, remain calm, and make the necessary adjustments in order to continue working, even when the circumstances may be changing daily. This cloud-based system was a major factor in our growth over the last year. It removed the limitations of our employees having to work on location, as that wasn’t an option.

The goal at Global Response has always been to help our employees perform their jobs to the best of their ability, as this not only contributes to our success but the success of the companies we represent. We are proud to have created a system where current employees can continue to provide excellent customer care, and new employees can go through our extensive training program, and prepare to join the team and partner with clients and their customers.

The workflow at Global Response is highly adaptable and technologically savvy. Because of this, we are able to adjust our workflows as necessary in order to continue to support our clients, but it has helped us to grow as a company. We take pride in helping our clients maintain their businesses through this difficult time. With the right systems in place, growth is possible, even in unprecedented times.

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