How Omnichannel Is Revolutionizing Customer Service

What Is an Omnichannel Experience?

Omnichannel is a fully integrated customer experience across multiple communications methods. It recognizes that customers need options to get the best service experience.

Omnichannel typically includes:

  • Web Chat
  • Email
  • SMS (text)
  • Voice
  • Social media

Omnichannel customer service is not just about offering customers a choice between email or phone when they need to contact you. It’s about having the systems and people in place to make sure that regardless of how a customer contacts you, they get the same great, branded experience. 

What Customers Expect Vs What They’re Getting

According to Forbes, 90% of customers today expect omnichannel communications options. And they expect to get the same level of service regardless of how they contact you.

A Zendesk survey found that 35% of customers expect to be able to communicate with a single customer service rep via all channels provided. For most companies, that’s a logistics nightmare, making this a huge competitive advantage for those who invest in those capabilities.

How Omnichannel Is Benefiting Businesses

Businesses that offer a true omnichannel customer service experience retain 89% of customers compared to 33% for those who have limited channel options. In other words, if you’re not omnichannel today, becoming omnichannel could nearly triple customer retention. Customers who have omnichannel options have a 10% higher average order value (AOV).

The benefits are clear but the challenges are great. 64% of businesses say they’d like to offer an omnichannel experience but they don’t have the knowledge or resources to do it effectively. 

How Global Response Helps Businesses Deliver the Omnichannel Experience Customers Expect

Global Response is an omnichannel outsourced customer contact center that customizes and integrates technology into its brand partners’ systems to deliver a truly personalized, omnichannel experience that sets them apart from the competition. 

Global Response’s passionate, skilled and industry-specialized Brand Specialists immerse themselves in the brand they represent. They become a seamless extension of your company. This allows Brand Specialists to effectively manage all of your incoming customer service communications regardless of the path they take. They deliver a consistent, branded experience to all customers across all channels. Every Brand Specialist works to build relationships with customers to help you meet sales, marketing and retention goals with every customer interaction.

Global Response leverages advanced customizable technologies and industry-leading hiring and training programs to deliver on its promises and get results. Let’s talk about your goals and learn more about how Global Response can deliver the omnichannel experience that your customers expect.

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