Benefit 5: Leverage Data of Workforce Management

The final installment of our latest Best Practices series, “5 Benefits of Workforce Management for the Contact Center“, is Benefit 5: Brand Specialists Leverage Data, below.

The focus of our last blog was Benefit 4: Provides Reporting for Operations Management.

Leverage data your way to success for your contact center

5. Leverage Data for Brand Specialists

  • Workforce Management is designed to help Brand Specialists take ownership of their own efficiency by reducing unused time (idle, shrinkage, adherence) or wasted time (waiting on long holds, system issues, scheduling problems).
  • WFM provides structure and information through communications and data keeping. In addition, it supplies reporting that helps Brand Specialists become more knowledgeable and engaged in their own performance, from adhering to their schedule to requesting assistance on long difficult calls.

Workforce Management is essentially a management tool for the contact center, assessing data, analyzing it, providing guidance into it; and, based on that information, telling it how to operate and at what strength.

Yet despite the importance of WMF, only 51 percent of contact centers report having a manager or team to oversee this function, according to ICMI.

These 5 Benefits of Workforce Management can give you an idea of how this practice will benefit the contact center.

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