Operations Summit 2018 picked up the talk on AI, Chatbots

Operations Summit 2018 kept the conversation going April 3-5 on a host of topics of interest in contact centers and among our clients, including technology, artificial intelligence, chatbots and the morphing grocery industry.

The summit opened at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Ohio with a keynote address April 4 by Google Express’s Ivan Tchakarov. The operations director talked about the shifts in technology and implications, as well as the current e-commerce landscape in a speech titled Intelligent Assistant, Machine Learning, Robotics, IoT – Keeping Up with What’s Next in E-commerce.

Operations Summit 2018: When Chatbots Do, Don’t Make Sense

Another session, The Rise of Chatbots and AI in Customer Care, took on the issue of when chatbots are appropriate and when the AI solution doesn’t make sense in fulfilling customer care. Speaker Luke Starbuck, vice president of marketing at Linc, took on that topic.

Technology, particularly artificial intelligence, has been a popular topic in the industry along with emerging discussions such as about changes in the grocery industry.

Groceries Pile into the Fray

In one session on the latter, the Ops Summit included a talk called Speed Order, Aisle 5: The Land Rush in Same-Day Grocery Delivery.

 The Wednesday morning Lab provided an overview of the online grocery delivery market that has recently seen deals between companies such as Amazon and Whole Foods Inc., and Albertson’s and Plated.

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The panel discussion included Rosie Co-Founder Jon Ambrose and Rich Bidinger of Buehler’s Fresh Foods. Mark Baum of Food Marketing Institute was the moderator.

Hitting Brand Experience with Wow

There were plenty of other discussions of interest, such as how to weave ‘Wow’ into your brand experience, which was the subject of a Lab called, Creating a Standout Brand Experience That Cuts Through the Clutter, led by Corey Harris of Ipsy.

The number of compelling sessions, as always, was impressive – but far too numerous to list.

The Global Response team certainly enjoyed the Operations Summit – and we hope we had the opportunity to meet you there.

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