Benefit 4: Operations Management Provides Reporting of Workforce Management

Benefit 4 of this week’s Best Practices series, “5 Benefits of Workforce Management (WFM) for the Contact Center”, explores reporting, below. In our last series, we talked about Benefit #3: looking at Real Time Analysis.

4. Provides Reporting for Operations Management

  • WFM provides clear actionable reporting to assist operations when making decisions on running the business.
  • Call metrics (volume, average handle time (AHT), service level (SVL)), adherence, dispositions and exceptions provide visibility to productivity.

Workforce Management is essentially a management tool for the contact center, assessing data, analyzing it, providing guidance into it; and, based on that information, telling it how to operate and at what strength.

Yet despite the importance of WMF, only 51 percent of contact centers report having a manager or team to oversee this function, according to ICMI.

These 5 Benefits of Workforce Management can give you an idea of how this practice will benefit the contact center.

See Benefit 5 in our next blog.

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