Point 5: Organize Road Map to Tech-Support Ticketing Systems Success

In this week’s Best Practices series, we’ve been discussing Tech-Support ticketing systems.

Today’s blog on Point 5 focuses on the capacity these systems have to organize customer information with your best ticketing management systems.

Thursday’s blog focused on Point 4: Prioritize.

Point 5: Organize your support ticketing systems

Ticketing systems increase organization within a customer care support team, creating a structure for storage, aggregate review and that’s the foundation for the workflow process.

They allow:

  • For customer information to be centrally stored and reviewed in aggregate by anyone in the company.

Sensitive information can be made available to specific individuals or departments.

  • A workflow process to be created so that tickets can be closed or reopened with an associated case number without duplicating records.

Having organized tactics for ticketing systems is a recipe for success

The ticketing system is an important tool for the organization, analysis and prioritization of issues.

The contact center benefits by having an efficient process for documenting, retrieving and escalating interactions with customers.

Remember, 82% of consumers say the No. 1 factor that leads to a great customer experience is having their issues resolved quickly, according to ICMI.

Having the right ticketing system that connects your customers to an openly communicated resolution path is the best way to support your technology business.

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