The Brand Care Culture

The Brand Care Culture. Your brand. Our passion.

We take great care in communicating your brand image with the same passion as you. Our Brand Specialists think of themselves as working for your Brand and become fully immersed in the experience.

A call center is a place where things happen fast. In such circumstances it is important that the culture of the organization is calm, focused and professional. A walk through any Global Response call center is like a walk in the park. A great many things are going on but the overall atmosphere of the workplace is quiet and peaceful. There is no sense of hurry or rushing – everyone is doing their job with a quiet confidence. Customers are being treated courteously and competently – and that sense of confidence and caring is felt by every caller.

The Crucial Intangibles

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The Brand Care People

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How do you measure a culture?

The culture of an organization affects everything and everyone that works in or is touched by it. But this all important context is not something that lends itself to quantification. One significant measure is the loyalty of clients and employees.

Our employee retention rate is far above the industry average and some of our clients seem to enjoy working with us so much they often open offices in our facilities. Einstein said it best: “Not everything that matters can be counted, and not everything that can be counted matters.”