Practice Makes Perfect

Greatness takes time. Every minute of dance performance takes a full day of choreography plus weeks, and sometimes months, of practice. Similar to the choreographer, customer service professionals must dedicate time, thought, and technique to develop the desired brand experience. At Global Response, we understand this and we are prepared to accelerate the learning curve.  We draw from the learnings of processing millions of customer interactions for the world’s most popular brands, getting you from back stage to showtime faster than anyone else! Although we can not guarantee a standing ovation at the end of a contact, we can provide something better – repeat customers!

Dance may simply be the movement of the body to music, but some people are just better at it than others. The same is true for creating a customer experience. Almost anyone can outline a transaction, but, at Global Response, we do things a little different than others. We recognize that every interaction is a unique opportunity and the service expectation is dependent on the incoming disposition. In other words, it takes two to tango!

Your Brand Specialists are trained to identify the root cause of the contact and work to resolution through empowerment and immersive brand training. In addition, they understand the delicate balance between Average Handle Time (AHT) efficiency and the effectiveness of First Contact Resolution (FCR). By working with Global Response, you will have access to the an award winning level of service built on decades of experience.

Global Response makes it our business to know your business. We make the effort to create a community mindset with your customers, and key partners involved in the customer’s journey. We will customize your KPI reporting to measure success and identify areas of improvement. With a team like Global Response behind you, you will have the confidence and experience to get out on the floor and bust a move!


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