Social Media Monitoring

Care for Your Brand with Social Media Monitoring Services from Global Response

Global Response has been providing quality customer care for nearly 45 years. Extending our Brand Specialist’s skill set to include social media monitoring on behalf of your brand, was a natural fit.

When we look at the impact of social media, we see engagements increasing dramatically. Active monthly user counts for the upper tier social networks are at more than 1.79 billion users for Facebook and over 317 million for Twitter. Efficiently filtering for relevant mentions about your brand and responding accurately, in a timely fashion is a full-time job.

Having an empathetic, constructive and actionable response can improve customer service, strengthen brand awareness, increase the lifetime value of your customer and encourage a positive word of mouth.

Global Response can monitor conversations on Facebook, Twitter and other online communities.

We will work with your team to create relevant and accurate posts to be distributed in a timely fashion by engaging directly with your social media community.

Global Response has the people, plan, monitoring platforms and analytics needed to provide effective social media monitoring services that your brand can measure, track and trend.

When customers engage through social media, we help your brand respond.

Through classroom training we work with your team to prepare ourselves by studying your products, policies and social media engagements to become fully immersed in your brand culture.

Our dedicated Social Media Brand Specialists monitor your brand mentions online

Monitoring Platforms

Social media monitoring platforms provide a brand-safe dashboard for Brand Specialists to respond to social interactions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums and other social communities.

Depending on the volume of your brand mentions, we will help you determine which platform is best for your brand.


  • Brand safe environment with password protected login
  • One dashboard to monitor all your social streams
  • Ability to add more social networks to the stream
  • User / team assignments
  • Client teams can log in to view
  • Integration with our case management tool
Global Response Case Management Tool

Global Response’s proprietary Case Management Tool allows Brand Specialists to enter case details, disposition each case for tracking, get recommendations on responses and escalate via email to subject matter experts with any questions.


  • Brand Specialist’s time is more efficient
  • Required fields for consistency in populating data fields
  • Social CRM tracks users over time
  • Escalate via email for rapid response
  • Client teams can log in to view
  • Automatic reminders to follow-up
  • Provides rule-sets for Brand Specialists to follow
Dashboard Reporting For Quick Insight

The Global Response Case Management Tool saves time by presenting data metrics through Global Response’s reporting portal.

These reports help track the types of requests, the metrics and how the responses were handled. Our dashboard provides actionable insight to improve service.


  • Get the details: Drill down to individual cases
  • Track interaction data
  • Track timeliness of response
  • Track resolution and escalation
Social Media Strategy

Creating and maintaining an engaged audience requires a professional social media management infrastructure.

Global Response utilizes a consultative approach to learning your brand and objectives within the social space.

Whether your brand requires an enterprise or mid-market solution, we will work with you to find the right plan, platform and staff to effectively engage with your community.

Our social media monitoring services include:

  • Respond to customer inquiries in real time
  • Social media becomes an extension to your customer service program
  • Integrating and supporting your team’s current activities
  • Engagement, ROI and tracking metrics
  • Review management services on demand
  • Minimize social media risk management

Tracking and trending the social media interactions your customers have with your brand provides actionable insight as to what people are saying online about your brand.

Our analytics solutions provide a vision into the volume of conversations, engagement, customer service, disposition, timeliness, and many more metrics necessary to measure your brand through social media.

Our social media analytics services include:

  • Track and trend customer questions over time
  • Tag inquiries by product types or location
  • Monitor service levels and timeliness of responses
  • Better understand question types for your brand
  • Identify customers that engage the most
  • Measure historical vs projected volume metrics
  • Learn about your audience in context with Social CRM
Customer Service

Responding to customer service inquiries with accurate and timely answers increases brand loyalty, lifetime customer value, and encourages positive word of mouth.

Social media customer service includes:

  • Social presence management
  • Answer customer inquiries in real time
  • Customer service extension to social media
  • Integration with your current teams
  • Engagement and ROI metrics, tracking
  • Review management services on demand
  • Social media risk management

Global Response will help your social media monitoring service take the next step to a better customer experience.

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