Why Social Media CRM Monitoring Draws Huge Impacts to Brand Improvement

Social media support is most valuable when integrated into your CRM with other channels in the contact center.

Yesterday’s Tip 4 explored personalizing responses through social media customer support.

Our last tip in this Best Practices series for social media customer service is Tip #5, which follows:

Tip 5: Bridge the gap between your traditional channels and sync them with social media crm software system.

  • Add the social media channel to your existing CRM to develop a customer-centric profile. You can manage the social media conversation in as much detail as you would a telephone, chat or email inquiry.
  • Including social media activity on CRM allows a seamless conversation with a customer contact that starts on social media, but continues on another channel.
  • Having information from all channels on your CRM software allows:
    • Brand Specialists to keep track of all the customer’s issues/transactions in one place.
    • The customer to use their channel of choice.
    • Brand Specialists to provide consistent customer experience across all channels.

Take the headache out Of Social Media CRM Monitoring

Social Media Customer Care can be complex, but is necessary.

About 47 percent of consumers ages 18-34 have complained on social media about a brand’s customer service, according to Microsoft.

That compares to 29 percent across all age groups and 12 percent of consumers ages 55 plus.

With a structured approach and a focus on key brand elements, organizations can establish a comprehensive channel strategy and consistently deliver an exceptional experience to their loyal customers.

See our next Best Practices blog series on Monday.

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