Collaborative Scenarios

Collaborative scenarios. A flexible, adaptive approach to customer service technology solutions.

We combine our technology expertise with yours to help you reach your business objectives for an outsourced call center.

We learn about your business processes, adapt our technology to accommodate and enhance them, and deliver a custom solution for your Brand Care needs.

Technology and Brand Care

There are many ways to provide superior customer care. Each of our clients’ support organizations has its own method of addressing opportunities and solving problems. Our job is to understand their method and make it our method when working with their customers.

Real-world scenarios

Here’s an example of how we collaborate: A client needs to scale up for six weeks of the year, but their Order Management software is licensed per seat. Instead of purchasing 100 more licenses to deal with a seasonal burst, the client relies on Global Response’s order management software. The result: Scaling up with no charge for extra licenses.

In another scenario, a client may decide to pay the license fees simply to keep the data in their format. In that case, we access the client application without any intervention or software programming. And if a client wants to enable their application with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), we can assist in various ways.

In all these cases, our programming team learns your preferences and needs and incorporates them into the design and implementation of a custom solution.

Our real-time web portal

Our creative team of developers has used the latest open architecture relational database environments to design our own web portal. The portal shows you what’s happening on a moment-by-moment basis in a predefined viewing arrangement. Being predefined is the key. Our generic platform creates cross-currents between similar applications.

All our clients benefit from elements that are common to telemanagement services,  such as Web-based ACD reports, transaction reports, and disposition summaries. The web portal creates a secure, reliable environment where clients can review data in real time and make strategic course corrections as necessary.

The combination of predefined reports and our web portal allows for a wide range of rapid customizations. Once we make a custom report, we can integrate it into the predefined reports or the portal itself.

More collaborative scenarios

Here are several other examples of how specific Global Response capabilities enable us to collaborate with clients.

Virtual ACD: No one is ready for an unlimited number of calls except a carrier. We can queue the calls at the carrier, then send them to the center as agents become available, or around the country as needed.

OrderNet: For a major chocolate producer/marketer, we carefully manage orders from “hot zones” around the country because the heat could melt the chocolate and the client would have unhappy customers.

Palettech – CRM (Customer Relationship Management): We collaborate on lead generation with a major car dealer, using the latitude and longitude of the caller to find the nearest dealership.

Hunter/Gatherer – Predictive Dialer: More efficient than a team of people dialing by hand, our dialer can make calls, recognize when the call is answered, and instantly transfer the call to a Brand Care Specialist.

Web Portal: We deliver reports on demand, formatted according to client specifications. We also archive them so they’re available 24 x 7.

Web Design/E-commerce: For clients ranging from national brands to small entrepreneurs, we help implement an online strategy and help maximize the contribution your site makes to your overall success.

Email management: We manage the email component of the online sales strategy for a major car distributor with over 200 dealerships in the Southeast region. We price cars based on email requests and respond to those requests in less than 10 minutes. We also present prices with dealer discounts individually created per dealer.

In addition, we have precisely defined the characteristics of email flow and response, exposing every time stamp along the way to analyze any possible delays in the process and find ways to minimize or eliminate them.

Let’s talk tech

We understand that, in order to deliver business benefits, our collaboration must extend to the business management side as well. Our technology people understand that the end product of their work is a system or process that helps a client achieve their business objectives. We have found that small, collaborative teams can accomplish big things, and that combining our expertise with that of a client can produce results that exceed the expectations of both parties.

We invite you to meet and talk with our responsive, collaborative tech teams. They have the knowledge, skills and experience to fully understand and implement your requirements and deliver an exceptional Brand Care experience to your customers.

When you’re ready, let’s talk tech.

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