Customer Service Technology Integration. Customized, Flexible Solutions.

We adapt to your systems and requirements to simplify connections between our businesses and deliver outstanding customer service.

Technology integration is another area where our approach is more flexible than that of many other outsourced call centers. We work with you to develop a customized integration solution with exports, data formats, reports, interfaces and more.

The goal is to deliver a seamless integration that enables you to continue following your established workflow with minimum modifications.

Rather than imposing our standards, we adapt to yours. The benefits to you include cost-savings, efficient customer service, and no drop in productivity.

The goal is to deliver seamless technology integration that enables you to continue following your established workflow

We can meet every requested connection solution, from flat files dropped on FTP sites going to XML web services, to total system integration where we integrate client applications into our call center.

We can meet any of your requirements for reporting, including real-time reporting of activity and orders.

Security & PCI Compliance

Our robust network infrastructure design, which consists of a Brocade Networks backbone and distribution switches, along with Juniper Netscreen Firewalls, enables us to easily integrate with your back-end systems over private VPNs or secure HTTPS while isolating and securing your information.

We are fully SOC2 and PCI1-compliant and observe all rules pertaining to sending and receiving credit card information and customer data. Our network equipment and carrier services are configured for High Availability to ensure redundancy and very high up-times. Metro Ethernet services are delivered over an OC-12 Sonnet Ring as part of a three-node topology along with BGP services with multiple carriers.

This ensures that a failure on one carrier does not affect production or connectivity with our clients.

Multiple private subnets allow us to go to a finer level of security with your network through either white-listing or peering routes designed to limit access to specific groups.

Customization & Emulation

We customize our solution for every client to ensure the integration meets their specific needs and can emulate your systems in our data center. We integrate your order management system as part of network operations, or we can use our system to take orders so you don’t need to buy dozens or hundreds of licenses for agents. For clients with legacy systems, such as mainframes, we can work via secure access by VPN or other connection, which is easier for clients to manage.

The two-way flow of information boosts efficiency and keeps us current on product information, promotions, and campaigns. As an automated process, once the integration is complete it’s virtually maintenance-free from the client standpoint.

The integrated systems give you accurate, real-time information on marketing, sales and customer service that you can use to quickly modify your strategy to meet KPIs or overall business objectives.

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