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Verint – Workforce Management – Knowing When We Need to be There

One of the biggest factors of growing and running a successful organization is workforce management. It is essential to know what is going on at any given time, and a roadmap to follow on how to delegate those tasks. This is especially helpful when a company has many people to manage from multiple locations, such is the case with the team at Global Response. This is why we rely on the Verint Workforce Management system to help our operations run smoothly.

The Verint Workforce Management system is a cloud-based tool that helps streamline processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences. The system uses the latest technology and analytics to eliminate inefficiencies, discover new possibilities in customer engagement, and improve customer interactions. This has been a great benefit to our clients, and their customers as well. We have found that Brand Specialists that are more engaged in their work create better customer experiences. 

With many of our Brand Specialists working off-site, it is essential that we have a system in place that can track and manage all of the tasks and responsibilities so that nothing is forgotten. One of the greatest benefits we have found is that by using the Verint workforce management system, we have been able to improve the overall performance of our Brand Specialists. With the ability to set performance goals, everyone is more committed to their tasks and works to not only reach, but exceed the goals that have been set.

Verint Workforce Management can help you accurately schedule your team, while still providing them the flexibility they need to manage their jobs while working off site. If you are considering whether to incorporate workforce management into your company, there are some questions to consider: A good rule of thumb – if you do not know the answers to these questions, it may be time to look into workforce management for your company.

  • What did the last year look like for your company?

Reviewing the performance of the past year will give you a better understanding of where you are headed, or any emerging trends. 

  • How did last year’s changes affect the hiring goals that were set?

This is a great way to get a clear picture of your current workforce strategies and whether they are working or not.

  • What (if any) budget flexibility is there?

Knowing how far you can stretch your resources will impact everything from hiring to meeting demand without going over budget.

  • Is your company prepared for growth?

Making sure there are steps in place that can be executed if there is rapid growth or if a larger team is needed. 

  • How are you engaging your team?

Ensure opportunities for career advancement and appealing incentives that everyone can benefit from.

Effectively managing your workforce is a huge challenge for any company, regardless of the size. It is essential to strike the balance between performance, engagement, and proper planning. The Verint Workforce Management system helps to address each of these areas. By employing this system, companies are able to recognize any patterns and predict when we will need to increase the amount of support. The system has helped by providing a way to track and manage our activities that has not only benefited the team at Global Response, but our clients, and their customers as well.


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