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Winning Your Customers Over

Support vs Success


Customer support and customer success are two terms that are often used interchangeably when it comes to speaking about customer service aspects of a company. In reality, customer support and customer success have very different meanings. It is true that both are crucial to the success of any company or brand and fall under the umbrella of customer service, but the similarities stop there. Customer support and customer success each have different focuses, approaches, and uses when it comes to winning your customers over.

In order to understand how each plays into the success of a company, it is important to define them. Customer support refers to a specific set of interactions that a customer may or may not share with a business. Customer success refers to a set of procedures and practices that seek to help customers with their own success. In regards to customer care, all customers will experience customer service, but not all customers will need customer support.

Customer service refers to every interaction that a company has with customers that purchase their product or service. It is something that helps to define the brand image and experience. The overall customer service that is provided comes from all employees, regardless of their position within the company. This could be anything from information on the website, to information exchanged through an in-person interaction. 

Customer support is something only occurs when a customer requires specific assistance from a business. For example, when a customer reaches out with an inquiry for additional information or if they are experiencing an issue. Customer support is important to any business because this is what helps resolve customer issues quickly and effectively. Support agents, or Brand Specialists, as they are designated at Global Response, focus on helping customers with any issues they may have, and increasing customer satisfaction. These efforts ultimately impact customer retention, as well as brand reputation.

Customer success is actually quite different from customer support. Customer success aims to eliminate any potential challenges, and seek out any opportunities that will help customers with their own experience, in order to increase their long term value. This is where companies do what they can to look ahead at potential problems customers or users may face, and put the necessary systems in place in order to avoid them. Creating a positive user experience is a key element of customer success.

The main difference between customer support and customer success is in the approach. Customer support is a very reactive and transactional process, whereas customer success is much more proactive and relational. Customer support works to solve problems as they arise, on a case by case, per customer basis. Customer success looks toward the future and does what is necessary to help any and all customers create a successful experience all on their own.

Each time someone reaches out to a company’s customer service department, it is an opportunity for both customer support and customer success to come together. In focusing on customer support, you can ensure that a customer receives the information or the solution that they are looking for. By employing customer success strategies, you can use that information to recognize any patterns that may highlight where adjustments need to be made in order to improve the overall customer experience. In using both of these aspects of customer service within your toolkit, any company can discover the key to winning your customers over with both support and success.

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