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What It’s Like to be a Call Center Agent

Contrary to popular belief, working as a call center agent, especially when working at Global Response, can be a very rewarding experience. This position is an integral part of the success of a company, and one that is taken very seriously, as each agent, or Brand Specialist, is a representative of the client they work with. Associates are not simply responding to inquiries and routing calls day in and day out. Their position requires much more focus and attention to detail.

Not many people really know or understand what it’s like to be a call center agent. At Global Response, the process of becoming a Brand Specialist begins with the training. Each Brand Specialist goes through and completes an extensive training program, learning all about the processes and procedures that are used on a daily basis. During this process, information is also being gathered on each Brand Specialists’ interests and strengths. This comes in handy once it is time to match a Brand Specialist with a client.

Once each Brand Specialist is familiar with the overall structure of the business, and the necessary information has been gathered, they are then assigned to the account they will be working on. You see, at Global Response, Brand Specialists don’t work with multiple clients. Each associate is assigned to a specific client. This is where each Brand Specialist learns everything they need to know about that particular brand, and their customer service goals. They become fully immersed in the brand experience, and act as an extension of the company. Because of the training provided, customers are not able to distinguish between an actual associate of the company, and the associate at Global Response.

Call center agents are able to focus on many different facets of customer service and provide a well-rounded and personal experience for anyone they interact with. On any given day, these are just a few of the tasks that call center agents handle:

  • Answering incoming calls
  • Responding to email inquiries
  • Managing online chat with customers
  • Monitoring social media platforms
  • Making sales calls on behalf of clients
  • Setting client appointments
  • Handling technical support calls


The company culture at Global Response centers around the associates. It is truly a team environment, and one where associates are greatly valued. All of the associates are highly incentivized, and ongoing/continual training is offered to promote workplace advancement. One of the major benefits of being a call center agent is that you have a voice and your opinion is valued when it comes to helping shape the future of the company you work with. As an insider with experience, and access to reports and trends, your suggestions could help to grow a company in ways that they would not have realized on their own.

Hopefully this helps to shed light on what it’s like to be a call center agent. Working as an agent, or Brand Specialist, as they are called at Global Response, is a multi-faceted and exciting job, with so much potential for growth and advancement. The ability to work with customers and offer them the complete brand experience is the focus of any agent. With the extensive training, matching process, and all of the benefits available to associates, being a call center agent is actually an exciting and fulfilling career choice. With all of the new technologies that will be available over the next several years, who knows where the opportunities could take you. The sky is really the limit.

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